Sand Beasts

by Hive Mind

Sand Beasts 38:35


Debut Hive Mind CD. Recorded 2003.

"Imagine John Carpenter and Throbbing Gristle joining forces to score music for nightmares - Hive Mind's death-dirge horrorscapes are not too far off. Sand Beasts builds slowly from dark low-end analogue drones into rumbling speaker-threatening frequencies, piling on peaks of visceral, almost tactile, electronic churn and circuit carnage." -Andrew Carden, MOJO Magazine

"Slow droning pulses, skittering static and resonating electronics all swim together in a sub bass hum. The composition is fluid, tonally rich and shows a nice evolution through various textures while maintaining a cohesion. Some of the sounds begin to get more gritty and threatening as they circle through the murky foundation and in the context of the track title make for interesting visuals should you allow your imagination to wander, and you should. There is a lot of depth to "Sand Beasts" and the conveyance of the Dark Ambient aesthetic with the tools used here makes for a intriguing take on a genre that has a tendency to get repetitive when done by the books. I like this record a lot, it has strong dynamics and manages to feel almost bottomless in its presentation. The movement of the textures and the way they ripen through different values of grime and purity keeps the development and heaving of the track quite graceful. Definitely worth seeking out, particularly if you have a soft spot for analog synth." -Scott Candey, Worm Gear

"The entire album is a thunderous, 38+ minute track that booms and wails with all manner of crisp, textured sounds and open, cavernous poundings that echo like a giant come to feast on the flesh of the living. Greh's approach on this earlier record is roughly the same as his approach on Death Tone, but the density of his sound selection and his ability to wield pressure and release perfectly makes this a far better recording. The hissing, crawling, concrete sounds that he pulls out of his machinery crawl at a deadly pace, sneaking through the cracks in the floors and walls, waiting and growing until the intensity is too great and everything comes crashing down in a stupendous wave of noise and earth-shaking booms. Imagine a block of granite is being pulverized slowly by the elements, then imagine that Greh's managed to capture the process of its complete disintegration; he's just sped the recording up a bit so that it can be witnessed in a decent amount of time. There's not a single cheerful moment on this record; its doom-laden soul is one continuous march through every destructive tendency imaginable: a constant grimace that crushes at every twist and turn until I'm left slumped down in my chair and in need of a break from the bleakness of it all." - Louis Schleicher, Brainwashed


released March 19, 2020

Hive Mind is Greh Holger. Additional synths by Sean Royal.


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